Friday, November 23, 2012

Fluency Self-Rating Form

I hope everyone had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving yesterday!  I know I did.  It was so nice to spend a day with my wonderful family and eat the deliciousness prepared by my grandma, mom, and aunt.  No telling how many pounds I added to the scale.  Lol.

Today, I want to share with you a form that I use with my fluency students.  It helps students to assess their own speech and better understand what they can do to improve their fluency.  Research has shown how beneficial rating yourself can be for students - in any area, not just stuttering.  Teachers are doing it in the classrooms I'm in all the time.  This is great for us as therapists.  Since the students are already familiar with rating themselves, it makes my job easier when asking them to do it with their fluency.

This is actually a form that I used in grad school.  I've searched and searched the web looking for the source but couldn't find anything.  If any of you know more about it, please share!

I revamped it and gave it some color, since the one I had looked so outdated.  It uses a multi-factorial model.  Students can rate not only their fluency, but their breathing, conversation type, and conversation topic as well.

  • Conversation type: In this column, students rate the kind of conversational task they are doing.  Red being the easiest (i.e. naming/repeating), green being the most difficult (i.e. talking with any other people).
  • Conversation topic: This column helps students to identify how well they understand the topic they are speaking about.  Their speech is red when they are not using any strategies to understand the topic.  It's green when they can understand the topic without any help from the clinician.
  • Breathing: Students rate how well they are using their correct breathing while speaking (I get my students to belly breathe!).  
  • Fluency: Students rate how well they are using their speech strategies to help their speech to stay smooth.  
You can grab this rating form for free {HERE}.  Let me know if you download!  How do you help your students assess their speech?

Oh, and in light of Thanksgiving and football, you can check out this post for football fluency games!  :)  


  1. Thank you!!!! I'm so going to use this with one of my 5th graders!!!!

  2. This looks great! I have a new fluency student that I think this will benefit. Thanks!


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