Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Bingo

My kids love Bingo games!  I think it's because it's familiar, and they don't have to think too hard about how to play it.  Haha.  I usually make my kids work pretty hard during therapy, so I like that they have something rewarding and motivating to play.  This next download is a Christmas-style Bingo game!

I'm excited about this because it can target articulation and fluency at the same time.  It makes it so much easier when I have to target multiple goals in a group.  Check it out!

I making this available as an articulation and fluency combo pack as well as individual activities.  

The Christmas light cards allow the kids to say their words in different ways.  For the fluency game, they have six different fluency strategies that the kids can practice. 

Before you start playing, give each student a Bingo game board and the target sound cards that they will work on.  Place the Christmas light cards face down in a pile within reach of all the students.

To play each student draws a target card and an action/strategy card.  They place a Bingo chip (or other token) on the corresponding picture located on the Bingo game board.  The students say their word or answer their question using the action or strategy indicated on the Christmas light cards.  The first person to receive 5 Bingo chips in a row is the winner!

Aren't the graphics so cute?  I love Christmas time.  Makes me so happy!

Here are the links to the different variations of the game if you want to grab them!

The combo pack consists of 6 Bingo game boards, 2 sets of 6 fluency strategy Christmas light cards, and 24 action Christmas light cards.  It also contains 24 target cards for R, 24 cards for S, 24 cards for L, 24 cards for K, 24 cards for F/V (combined together), 24 cards for Sh/Ch (combined together), 24 cards for Th, and 48 fluency target cards. 

Clipart by Maree TrueLove and Goodness&Fun.

Enjoy!!  :)


  1. My kids love to play Bingo using the Christmas M&M's as the tokens! After the session, I put them in snack bags and have them put them in their bookbags until they get home.

    1. What a fantastic idea!! I will have to try that. It would definitely be a treat! Thanks for sharing. :)


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