Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Penguin Preschool Language

My sister loves penguins.  She always has...especially cute little ones.  I thought of her when I saw these graphics and figured some of my kiddos would like these penguins too!  Check out how cute they  are.  My favorite is the little guy with the red hat over his eyes.  Presh!

This packet targets preschool and early elementary language skills.  Included are games for prepositions, categories, functions, and basic concepts.

  • Preposition penguins: In this game, students choose a penguin card and place it in the appropriate location in relation to the igloo.  It comes with 12 preposition cards.

I pasted the igloo to a small manilla envelope, so the kids can practice putting it "inside."  For "between," you could either print 2 igloos or practice putting it between the igloo and another penguin.

  • Penguin Categories: This game lets kids practice sorting snowball picture cards onto 6 different penguin category mats.  It comes with 36 snowball cards.

  • Fishing for Functions: Students match the fishing penguin card to the appropriate fish.  The penguin cards have function questions on them (i.e. "What do you do with a spoon?").  The fish cards have the function on them (i.e. "Eat"). 

 There are visuals for all the cards.  I know it's hard for most little ones to go with the auditory prompt only, so I've included a picture clue with all the cards.

Aren't they cute?  My kids love anything to do with fishing. The packet comes with 24 penguin prompt cards and 24 fish function cards.

  • Basic Concepts: For this game, students must identify the concept pictured on the penguin card.  If your kids are able to understand, you can use the uh-oh cards with these.  I've also included a key in case you aren't sure which concept the card is targeting.  There are 24 basic concept cards.

There are also wind and angry snowman distractor cards that can be used with any of the 4 games.  Some little ones are able to understand these and some kids that age just aren't ready for them.  But they're cute just the same.  :)

You can grab this game at my TPT store HERE

Graphics are by: StudioCinCo, Printcandee, and Graphics Factory.

Hope you can use it!  


  1. Thank you! My kiddos are going to love all these little penguins!

  2. I purchased this today, and can't wait to use it! Thanks so much for making these great materials available at such a great price! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I hope your students like it too! :)


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