Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Monster Mash Artic!

Monster mash is back - Christmas style!  My kids had so much fun with the other Monster Mash game, I knew they would just LOVE a Christmas version.  

I know, I might be thinking that it's too early for Christmas talk.  Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet!  Many people I know feel like Thanksgiving gets the shaft as a holiday lol.  Well, printing and laminating can take a while, so I just wanted people to have enough time to do that.

Back to the game...look how fun these Christmas monsters are!

If you aren't familiar with Monster Mash, you can check out this post from a few weeks ago on my blog.

This game is played the same way as the original version.  Each student gets a "monster mat" and a set of target monster cards.  If they are working on the same sound, they can just share the set.

When the teacher holds up a "find me" card, the students find the matching monster and SLAP it!  They then have to say the word on the card.  You can have them say it X number of times, in a sentence, with their eyes closed, etc.

The first one who slapped the card gets to keep the card on their monster mat.

Whoever ends up with the most cards after all the "find me" cards have been shown is the winner.

This packet targets Christmas-themed words for /r/, /s/, /l/, /k/, /f&v/, /r-blends/, and /s-blends/.  There are 4 monster mats, 24 "find me" cards, and 24 cards for each sound...192 cards in all.

Aren't they cute?  You can grab this at my TPT store HERE.  :)

Hope your kiddos enjoy!  More fun Christmas games coming soon.

Clipart by BaBaPuff.


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