Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Football Fluency Game :)

Down here in South Louisiana we have 4 seasons - hunting season, crawfish season, snowball season, and football season!  Don't believe me?  Check out this T-shirt from Storyville.  Haha.  No, but really we love us some football down here.  I think it's one of those cultural loves that's passed down from generation to generation.  The kids really get into it, even at a young age.  They get excited about anything LSU or Saints!

Thus, the inspiration for my latest download...Football Fluency!  My fluency kids always seem to get the shaft in my group sessions.  Not intentionally.  It just seems like I'm always having to adapt my artic games to work with their fluency goals.  It's still effective for the most part, but this time, I wanted to have a game that specifically targets their fluency skills.

Check it out!!  It comes with 2 different game boards to play with.

When I do fluency therapy, I mainly focus on teaching them strategies that they can use to try and increase their fluency.  The four fluency enhancing behaviors (FEBs) that I concentrated on for this game were slow rate, light contact, easy starts, and pausing.

For the game pieces, I like to let them use pennies.  The game even comes with a dice template for you to make your own dice!  :)

To play with the game board, the student will roll the dice and move the correct number of spaces.  Draw a helmet card and answer the question using the strategy indicated on the space.  Don't forget to add in the wild cards!  The first person to make it to the end is the winner.

To play with the football field, each student puts their game piece on the opposite edges of the field.  On each turn, move 10 yards and draw a helmet card.  Answer the question with the indicated strategy. Follow the directions on the wild cards.  The first person to make it to the opposite side is the winner!

Four types of responses are elicited with the helmet cards: "how" questions, "tell me"questions, conditional questions (if/then), and pretending questions.  Plus, I always like to include blank cards for you to write in your own questions.

For the wilds, we have "fumble" cards and field goal cards.

You can download this game at my TPT store HERE!

So what do y'all think?  How do y'all like to work on fluency??

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