Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Freebie

So, how many of you have to work tomorrow on Election Day?  Our parish actually has the day off!  However, several of the surrounding parishes still have school in session.  I figured many of you may have to work as well, so here is a last minute freebie to use that's "election" themed.

I used this today with my pull out groups.  It's just an open ended board game that can be used with any card deck.  Check it out!

Just a fun, simple little board game.  My kids actually loved it!  I let them use pennies as players, even though they kept asking if they could keep them.  Lol.  It spurred on some good conversation about what voting means, who the candidates were, etc.  I was actually surprised at how much my little kindergarteners knew.

You can grab this freebie HERE!

There are also several other election and president themed activities floating around blogland and TPT. Be sure and check them out!

If you do download, please leave a comment below!  Happy Election Day!  Go vote!


  1. Thanks Lauren. Great simple board game.

  2. Thanks for sharing! PS, My last district used to have professional development on election day because so many of the schools are voting locations. In my current district, only a few schools are voting locations, so it's a regular day for us.


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