Saturday, November 24, 2012

Penguin Phonology!

I've been working really hard to get this next download ready before Cyber Monday.  I'm so excited about it because it's something I have really needed for therapy!  It just took me a long time to make.  In keeping with the preschool/early elementary theme, the penguins are back to help with phonological processes!

Check it out!

Kids draw a snowflake card to move across this fun winter game board.  They then choose a penguin target card or minimal pair snowball card to practice saying the word correctly.  This game board is open-ended, so it can also be used with any card deck or objective.

The phonological processes targeted include:

Final consonant deletion
Cluster reduction
Stopping of fricatives
Medial consonant (glottal stopping)

Because this activity is geared to non-readers, there are pictures for each target word.

For each phonological process, there are 18 target cards and 18 minimal pair snowball cards.  Medial consonants only include the 18 target cards.

There are 162 target cards in all, 6 snowflake cards, and 1 game board.

Grab it at my TPT store HERE!

Also, I wanted to remind y'all about the Cyber Monday and Bonus Tuesday sale on TPT!  Everything in my store will be 20% off (max allowed on TPT).  You can get an additional 8% off when you use the code CMT12 at checkout!  So fill your carts early!  I'm already trying to compile my wishlist together.  That way it'll be good to go in case the server is slow from all the teachers buying on TPT!  :)

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