Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monster Mash Artic

So how many of you played Monster Mash when you were little?  I definitely did!  If you need a refresher, check out THIS not-so-great quality commercial from the 80s.  Haha.  It was a bunch of matching, slapping, monster fun!

When I came across this adorable monster clipart, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it... make an articulation version of Monster Mash!  And it turned out so cute!  Have a peek:

First, you'll need to print and cut out the monster mats, "find me" cards, and target sound monster cards.  The fabulous paraprofessionals who work on my hall were SO sweet to cut and laminate everything for me!  I just had to give them a shout-out!  :)  

Next, give each child a monster mat and the 24 monster cards for their target sound.  Then spread out all their monsters face-up in front of them.  The therapist keeps the 12 find me cards.

To play, the therapist holds up a find me card.  The kids have to find a matching monster from their pile and SLAP it!  They can do it with their hand or fly swatters.  Whoever slaps theirs first gets to keep the card on their monster mat.  Continue holding up find me cards until you have shown all the monsters twice.  The person with the most monsters on their mat is the winner.

If you have kids that work on the same sound, they can share the cards and race to slap the match.  My students had a blast!

This is a 23 page packet.  It comes with 4 monster mats, 12 "find me" cards, and 24 cards each for /r, s, sh, ch, f, l/ sounds.  You can download a copy at my TPT store.  Just click HERE.

Since making this, I've found more fun speechie monster activities across blogland.  Check 'em out!

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  1. Thanks for linking Lauren! Welcome to SLP blogging! Have fun!



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