Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oldies But Goodies: Winter!

Brrrrrr!  It's cold out there!  I hope all of you are bundled up and drinking something hot while you read this.  Sounds like it's colder than average everywhere today!

'Tis the season for winter activities for sure.  Don't worry...I got you covered for when you get back from your snow days (unless you still have to go in to work, like me)!  Check out these oldie but goodie activities all themed for winter!

They've definitely made back to school planning super easy!

1.  The Three Snow Bears Book Companion Pack

I love The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.  It's a cute story that's a winter version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  This companion pack covers a variety of communication goals that I can work in with all the kids on my caseload.  Read more about it at this blog post.

2.  Penguin Preschool Language

Work on your preschool/kinder objectives with these cutesie penguins!  I actually use this pack all throughout the year because the content is really useful for my caseload this year.  Read more about this one HERE.

3.  Penguin Phonology

This pack is for your severe artic kiddos.  It targets several phonological processes using penguins and snowballs with visuals.  Check it out HERE.

4.  Do Not Break the Ice Blocks - Articulation, Preschool, Sight Words

My kids LOVE the game Don't Break the Ice.  It's great for this time of year as well.  Here is an alternative way to play while working on speech skills at the same time!  Check out the round up post with links here!

5.  Hot Cocoa Speech Freebie!

This open-ended reinforcer is made to be played with real marshmallows!  If you haven't grabbed it, go get it!  Read about it at THIS post.

Welp, hope some of these items help you this winter!  What are your favorite winter activities?

Stay warm!

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