Sunday, January 19, 2014

100 DOTS of School with a Freebie!

This week we celebrate 100 days of school down here in my little neck of the woods.  That means we are over halfway done!  Woohoo!  To get my kiddos geared up and excited, I've got a fun new project all ready to go for them.

My students love Do-A-Dots!  This summer I went to Houston with my family, and my mom (who is a preschool teacher) and I got the chance to go to the Lakeshore store.  I know, right?  Though the store was a bit overwhelming, I did manage to grab some dot markers and a couple other things on sale that day!  Let me tell you, I'm so glad I did because my students love them.

All that to say this product combines a couple of favorites - dots and 100 days of school - to give you 100 DOTS of School Articulation!

Each worksheet page has 100 dots on it.  There are 5 blank worksheet pages that can be used with any target sound or speech skill.  You can have them practice their fluency sentences 100 times, list 100 adjectives, read 100 sight words, answer 100 questions (though that might take longer than 1 session), etc.  The list goes on!

The bulk of the packet targets articulation words.  Your students can mark 100 dots - one for each artic word they say.  How's that for getting a lot of trials in one session!  I've got dot sheets for R, S, L, K, F, Sh, Ch, and Th included.

*Tip:  You could also print out 2 sheets: one for the therapist and one for the student and mark on your sheet which words he/she says correctly for an easy way to take data.

As an added bonus, I'm letting my students make "100 days of school" bookmarks after they say all of their speech words.  They can decorate it and add a ribbon for a cute take-home reinforcement.

You can grab this packet at my TPT store HERE!

Also, you can grab 1 blank sheet and the L sheet for FREE!  Just click the "download preview" button at my TPT store.  :)

Enjoy your 100th day of school (whenever it is for you)!

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