Sunday, January 5, 2014

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Christmas break always flies by way too fast.  As I enjoy my last day before I go back, I think about all of the fun and sweet memories with family and friends.  One of my very favorite parts of break this year was exchanging Secret Santa gifts with several of my close SLP blogging friends!

So fun right?  When Kristin from Simply Speech came up with the idea, I jumped right on board!  And amazingly enough, Kristin ended up being my Secret Santa!  Check out what I got:

I was SO excited the day this cute green package came in the mail.

It was from Florida, so I knew it could only be one of 3 people lol.  When I opened it, this is what I found.

So cute!  I opened the card to find Kristin's cute family Christmas card.  The other packages included:

A super nice and personalized clipboard that matches PERFECTLY with my speech room!  :)

Aaaaand an adorable red and green lanyard (sorry the pic is a little blurry).  Love love love them both!

This was SO much fun!  A big THANKS to Kristin for her awesome gifts.  Be sure and check out her blog and TPT store!  

I got to play Santa to...wait for it...Katie from Playing With Words 365!  I kind of went crazy with her gifts because I kept finding cute things I wanted to give her!  Lol  Be sure and keep an eye out for her post to see what I gave.  :)


  1. Cute clipboard! My mother in law got me a super cute green/black/white chevron clipboard with my name on it for Christmas.. I love having a fun clipboard! :)

    1. Yay! I love having fun clipboards too!! :)


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