Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween, Biscuit

Some of my favorite books to use with my preschoolers are the Biscuit books!  Don't you just love them?  They are so sweet and cute.  But they are also pretty great for vocabulary.  I know Halloween is almost over, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Here's how we use the Biscuit books in speech.  We typically target vocabulary, asking and answering wh-questions, and even simple inferencing.  

For vocabulary I print and cut out pictures of several items in the book.  Then I stick velcro on the backs of the pictures and the soft part of the velcro on the corresponding pictures in the book.  I gotta credit my coworker, Amy, for showing me the magic of velcro with books!

I stick all of the pictures on my velcro board and have the kids find the pictures as we go through the book.  They love matching and sticking them on.  This is especially good for my nonverbal kiddos.  

 After we read it once, I usually go through it a second time and ask wh questions.  I let the kids pull the pictures back off the page as we go {for some reason, this is their favorite part lol}.  

You can grab a free copy of the pictures and many of the wh-questions I use HERE.

There are lots more things we do with the Biscuit books, but this is my favorite.  I think I have a velcro picture Biscuit book made for every holiday!  :)  

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!  I just might post fun costume pictures tomorrow.  I'm dressing up as a potato head! Haha.  The kids are going to crack up!  ;)


  1. Love this! I am a huge fan of Biscuit and many of my students, even in grades 2-3, are reading these books. I have been writing some interactive stories but I like how you modified this book. Great idea!

    1. Thanks! My younger grades like to tread this book too. The interactive stories sound fun!

  2. Love it! I haven't used the Biscuit books, but think I need to look them up. I typically make my own books for preschool and use velcro to reinforce concepts, wh- questions and vocabulary with my young students.

    Talking With Rebecca

    1. Making your own books sounds awesome! I think I may try my hand at that sometime. :)


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