Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spanish Articulation Screener

¿Sabían ustedes que puedo hablar en español?  Yes, I can speak some Spanish.  I actually teach Spanish classes as a side job.  Well, when the higher ups at work found out, I was delegated as the official Spanish tester of all our sweet hispanic kiddos with communication concerns.  So sometimes I get to go to different schools and screen them, discuss their cases, and evaluate if needed.

Unfortunately, there are NO screening instruments out there that I've found.  If anybody knows of a formal artic OR language screening tool, please share!   In the meantime, I did some research and made my own a couple years ago.  It just got a little makeover.  

Check it out...
The first page has space to write the student's identifying information as well as comments and recommendations.

How to use this screener:

  • Show each picture to the student and ask "Qué es esto?" which means "What is this?" 

  • Using the response form, record the student's errors on the space next to the sound being targeted.  Put a check if correct and write the error the child produced if incorrect.  There is also space to write notes and observations.
  • Compare the errors with the age of mastery to determine if further evaluation is needed.
You may notice that there are no final consonants targeted.  In Spanish, there are only a few consonants that are produced at the ends of words.  The majority of Spanish words end in a vowel.  I've also included a page of Spanish developmental norms...just as FYI.  :)  

If you want a copy of the screener, you can get it HERE at my TPT store.  It's FREE for the weekend!!  Just because I have Fall Break!  Woo Hoo today is my Friday!

Hope this helps some of you out there!  

How do y'all handle your bilingual kids with speech concerns?


  1. My last school had a very large population of Spanish-speaking children! I'm going to pass this on to the SLPs who are there now!

  2. Great! I hope it helps! And thanks for being my first follower :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! I am a spanish/english SLP in the schools and this will come in handy.


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