Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Articulation Review

Today, I'm teaming up with Kristine over at LiveLoveSpeech to review one of her fabulous TPT products!  She has lots of fun items that target different skills, so be sure to pop over to her store and her blog to check them out!  While you're at her blog, you'll also be able to see her review of my Sock Monkey Articulation game.  :)


When Kristine asked me to review one of her activities, I was excited for the chance to grab her Winter Articulation game.  These cute little penguins are a perfect addition to my winter-themed activities!  The packet includes target cards for /r/, /s/, and /l/ in one, two, and three syllable words.  There are 96 cards for each sound - that's 288 cards in all!

I really like how the cards are leveled into the different syllables and vocabulary.  The longer words are great for my older kids.  It gave us a chance to discuss the vocabulary they didn't understand and use some decoding strategies to sound out unfamiliar words.

Of course, every game needs some wild cards!  Watch out for the freezing penguins who lost their hat.  If you pick one, you have to put all your cards back!

Here is how my kiddos and I used this game:

P.S. They kept trying to get their faces in this picture,
so I told them they could put their hands in.  LOL
They each took turns drawing a card and saying the words, since they were both working on the same sound.  I sometimes had them say the words in a sentence or with a rhyming word.  If they drew a "freezing penguin" card, I had them give a card to a friend.  The kids would draw the cards from the deck really slowly because they were scared of getting a freezing card.  Haha.  :)

At the end, I had them count all of their cards.  Whoever had the most won the game!

Some other things she suggests you can do with the decks are printing 2 copies of the cards and playing memory or go fish.  So fun!

You can check out Kristine at Live Love Speech HERE, and her TPT store HERE.  You can also like her on facebook via her blog.

Happy Friday Eve, everyone!  ;)

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