Wednesday, January 2, 2013

President's Day Speech & Language Pack

I'm trying to squeeze out some more products for the big TPT sale going on.  This is one I'm especially excited about!  It targets a variety of speech and language concepts using a fun President's Day theme!  The pictures are so cute thanks to KPMdoodles!

Use this game board to play with any of the target cards included.  It's open-ended, so you could really use it with anything.  You can actually grab it as a FREEBIE!  Just click the "download preview" button on the TPT page.

Language concepts that are included in the packet consist of:

  • Main Idea (18 cards) - These are nonfiction passages about the historical people.
  • Inferencing (18 cards)
  • Making Predictions (18 cards)
  • Compare & Contrast - There is a Venn diagram and a passage for students to locate similarities and differences.
  • Grammar - he/she pronoun practice (24 cards to sort onto 2 mats)
  • Grammar - is/are verb practice (24 cards to sort onto 2 mats)

  • Multisyllabic flags - These can be used to practice multisyllabic words OR vocabulary (27 cards)
  • Homework sheets - Open-ended coloring pages for any sound or reinforcement.

Grab this packet at my TPT store HERE!
Hurry while it's on sale! :)

What do you think?  I'm planning on doing an entire week of President themed activities with my students during the week of President's Day.  

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