Monday, January 14, 2013

The Umbrella: Speech & Language Packet

Here is a new packet to accompany the book The Umbrella by Jan Brett.  It's very fitting right now, considering it's been pouring down rain here in south Louisiana for over a week now!  Ugh!  I'm pretty sure I've forgotten what the sun looks like.  Lol.

I'm so excited to show you this packet!  Check it out!  This one is a 60-page packet that covers speech and language skills for school-aged kids as well as preschoolers.  The combo pack contains all of the slides mentioned.

I've also separated them into school-aged and preschool-aged packets.  Both packets include the following:

  • Story props - Use as visuals as you read the story or for story retell.
  • Game board - Use with any of the enclosed cards. :)
  • Vocabulary cards - Can be used for labeling, defining, or describing.

The packet geared toward older kids also contains:

  • Detailed sequencing cards

  • Comprehension question cards

  • Story element cards

  • Making prediction cards

  • Context clues for Spanish words
  • Synonym matching cards
  • Regular and irregular past tense cards

Graphic organizers for:
  • Summarizing
  • Main idea and details
  • Compare and contrast

  • Articulation worksheet

  • Articulation target cards for /r/ and /s/

Whew!  Now, here are the preschool components!!  :) :)
  • Simple sequencing cards with sequencing board

  • Function cards
  • Categories: Sort the puddles onto the leaf umbrellas.  :)

  • Prepositions
  • Plurals
  • Rhyming

  • Early artic - bilabials, alveolars, velars
What do you think?  You can grab the combo pack here!  Click on these links for the preschool and school-aged separate packets.  :)

P.S.  I'll give a free copy of the combo pack to one of my blog followers that comments with their email!  I'll pick a random winner first thing tomorrow morning (Tuesday)!  :)


  1. This looks so cute!! I am a preschool-only SLP (with close to 50 little ones on my caseload!) so it's super helpful when I can grab packs that are primarily directed towards around the preschool age. We have a "seasons" theme coming up in a month or so in preschool and this pack would be perfect for talking about Spring! Themed packs make my planning so much easier!

    1. my email is, just in case! :)

  2. This is an amazing packet! I absolutely love Jan Brett's books and this one is my and my student's particular favorite. You've created a huge number of valuable materials for preschool through early elementary age population. here;s my email in case I am the lucky one who wins this giveaway

  3. Wow...this is one of the most comprehensive packets, I've seen. A great way to pull together activities when the needs of the group is varied.

    1. Hey, hey you're my random winner!! Check your email!

  4. Oops forgot to leave my e-mail

  5. Looks awesome! I have so many kids working on bilabials! Love those cards!


  6. Love the variety of activites in the pack! None of my groups are all working on the same thing, so the vareity is appreciated.

  7. I love this! I love Jan Brett books and love to use them in therapy. I work with PreK-12, so this would be great! Thanks for creating this.

  8. Looks like a wonderful resource. Great variety.

  9. This looks amazing! Love it!

  10. This looks terrific!

  11. Oh! This looks fantastic! I love it and have so many ideas on how to use it!

  12. OOOOOH.. I have this book! I think this is going to be on my wish list for sure!


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