Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carry-Over Strategies Linky

It's another linky party!  This time I'm joining Crazy Speech World to talk about my favorite things to do for carryover.  Be sure to click the graphic below to head over to Jenn's blog for more fun carry over ideas!

When it comes to carryover, it seems like no one strategy works across the board with every child.  Sometimes you have to try different activities and environments and lectures to move them across the carryover hump.  Here are some of my favorite things to do with them.

1.  Carryover Activities for Articulation

Luckily, I have a product that targets areas specifically for carryover of sounds.  Four different activities are included for each sound, so you have different things to try.  I have used the mess out of this, and it really seems to get my kids out of their comfort zones and practicing their sounds in a variety of scenarios.  Check out more of how I use it HERE.

2.  Mini M&Ms or Nerds

What's more motivating than candy?!  Lol.  Sometimes this is the miracle worker that makes kids all of a sudden do what you've been trying to get them to do for weeks.

Here's how I use the candy. . . I tell the students that they can have the entire mini box of nerds or mini bag of M&Ms at the end of the session (start off with at least a handful).  Then I tell them that every time I hear them say a sound incorrectly, I get to eat one of their candies.  We proceed to play a game, talk, and ask/answer questions, while I listen to their speech.  ;)  I pop a candy in my mouth every time I hear them using their sound incorrectly.  They HATE watching me eat their candy lol.  Side note:  I don't always eat it, since I'm trying to lower my candy consumption.  I just find that sometimes it's more effective when I do!

They always work really really hard to not mess up and sometimes surprise themselves at what they can do if they try!  Who knew a little lot of motivation could make them miraculously meet their goal? ;)

BTW:  Make sure the kid is ready for this step.  You don't want to overly frustrate them if they physically can't do it and are messing up the entire time.

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3.  Stickers

Speechie stickers are another great tool to remind kids to use their good speech, remember their strategies, apply language skills, etc.  I tell my kiddos that every time they look at it, they have to remember to use their good speech/language.  Sometimes I even go into their classroom and put it on their folder/desk/binder for extra reminders.  I like THESE from Super Duper.

4.  Newsletters

For my language kiddos, I like to get a copy of my students' weekly newsletters.  This way I know exactly the skills they will be working on in class that week and what we need to focus on.  Because I "push in" so much, I'm pretty familiar with what they do in class.  These just help me prep.  Plus, I can pull extra things for them to do to practice the specific language skill in the classroom.

What do you think?  Do you do anything like this for carryover as well?

Don't forget to check out Crazy Speech World for more carryover ideas!

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  1. Lol, I think your candy idea is hilariously awesome! I can't use candy (we are a sugar free school) but I'm thinking I can figure out something to use in it's place! Thanks for linking up :)


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