Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Organization Week Day 3: Data Collection Freebies!

I hope you've been enjoying this week's organizing posts!  It's always fun to exchange ideas and be able to take a few things back to your speech rooms.  We've tackled classroom materials and paperwork the last couple days, so today I've got some freebies for you!  Woohoo!

Day 3: It's all about data tracking today.

A friend from work recently told me that she laminates her data sheets and reuses them.  I LOVED this idea, so I created a few fancy ones to do just the same.

There are 3 types in this packet: one for group sessions, one for a large sample, and one for if you're tallying different skills.

To make them just print and laminate with thick laminating pouches.  I printed and laminated several so I can keep them in different places.

I punched holes in a couple so I could keep them in my binder.

To take data I just use an ultra fine dry erase marker (I got mine at Target).  The numbers on the sides make it easy for me to quickly count it up and total it!

You can use the large sample sheet if you will be hitting a lot of trials or tallying a large fluency sample.  There are 400 squares included in that one.

The multi skill sheet is great if you're in a classroom and targeting several skills at once or if your student has several sounds that you are trying to track.

After you transfer the results to their tally sheets, everything just cleanly erases so you are ready to go for your next session!

I know there are several apps and new techy ways to collect data, but sometimes you just gotta keep it old school.  Grab these free data sheets at my TPT store HERE and create your own!

What do you think?  Don't forget to leave some lovely feedback if you download.  :)


  1. I LOVE this. Downloading immediately.
    Btw, I just realized you are in Louisiana! What parish are you in? (I'm in St. Landry)

  2. I love the idea of laminating the data trackers to reuse. I will use this as soon as school is back in session. However, aren't there 20 boxes per line on your large data tracker for a total of 400 boxes?

    1. Oh my goodness did I add that wrong?! Pshhh this girl can't do math lol. I'll have to fix it and re-laminate! Thank you for catching that!

  3. Thanks so much! My tallying is always a mess....hopefully this will help!

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