Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Speechie Things I'm Thankful For

Since this is the time of year that people think about what they're thankful for in life (not that you shouldn't think about it every other time of year), I thought I'd share a little about what I'm thankful for at work.

I thank the Lord so much for a great job that I love.  Not everyone gets one of those.  Even though it can be stressful at times, there are a few things out there that help make my job easier!  Here are some of those things:

1.  TPT

I am super thankful for a place to find so many ideas and products specific for my kiddos' needs.  My therapy is totally not the same without it.  :)

2.  Amazing SLP Bloggers

I love reading my SLP friends' blogs and getting new ideas and inspiration from them.  Plus, I know I can contact them anytime I have a question or need advice.  Most of us are happy to help anytime you need something.

3.  Fabulous co-workers

I'm beyond blessed with coworkers who are happy and funny and ready to help our sweet students.

4.  Portable Therapy Center

Do you have this?!  It's awesome!  This fun little gadget has a mirror, dry-erase board, velcro board, pouches, and pocket chart.  SO helpful!  I use it all the time.  You can find it on Super Duper HERE.

5.  Flavored tongue depressors

Haha.  I wouldn't be able to fix /r/ without tongue depressors, and my kids wouldn't put them in their mouths if they didn't taste like popsicles.  :)

6.  Board games

Love my game closet.  The kids love them, and it's nice to pull out a game every so often when you want to bump up the motivation in therapy.

7.  Books

Of course, I am so thankful for children's books that are colorful and appropriate for working on language skills.  I love that I can adapt them for what I need and use cute TPT companion packs to work on a variety of skills.  :)

8.  Hanging file folders

These are perfect for anything.  I organize my paperwork, worksheets, or whatever in these.  This one is from the Container Store and is collapsable and portable.  Cute right?  And functional.

9.  Stickers and candy

Sometimes you need to bribe children.  It's real life lol.  ;) Sometimes you have to use something they want to get them to try harder.  Whether it's stickers, candy, or tiny toys/games, there are days that you have to use anything and everything to get them to work!  I am thankful for these things.  ;)

10.  My IPad

Last but not least, I am super thankful for my IPad.  All of the awesome speech and language apps make my life SO much easier!

That about wraps it up!  What speechie things are you thankful for?  :)


  1. Nuk brushes for lingual stimulation! :)

  2. Your list sounds very similar to mine! I would also add to that a room with windows that is bigger than a closet! This is the first time in ten years that I've actually seen the sun during the day!

    1. Oh goodness that sound miserable! So glad you get a bright new room this year!


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