Friday, July 18, 2014

Organization Week Day 5: My Favorite Things

Organization week has been awesome!  I hope you've had as much fun as I have!  For the last day, we are diving into a few of my favorite things.

I know I've been mentioning several items here and there all week.  Here are a few more office-y, planning, or organizing supplies that I love.  Some of these I have and some of these I want.  ;)
This post may contain amazon affiliate links for your convenience.  

1.  My Erin Condren life planner

Ok, I know I've mentioned this before but I LOVE my Erin Condren planner.  I use it for blogging, TPT, and all the other parts of my daily life I need to keep track of.  I use my speech planner for work but this one for everything else.  If you need a $10 referral coupon, you can grab one here.

2.  Sharpie pens

You may have seen this pic on instagram as part of Speech Time Fun's #SLPscannotlivewithout party.    These are my most favorite pens in the world.

They write like a thin marker but don't bleed through.  In our district all original documents have to be signed in blue ink, so these are just perfect for me!

3.  Sticky notes

I love all kinds of sticky notes and for some reason I've developed a rather large collection of them at work.  You can find them in all shapes and sizes for whatever you need.  How hilarious are these
mouth notes?! Lol.

And these stickies are super functional.

4.  Washi tape 

I like using washi tape to pretty up my planners!

I use it to dress up tons of other things too.  Check out this previous post on other ways I like to use it in my speech room.

5.  Cutesie paper clips

I'm all about the fun paperclips these days.  I have these speech bubble clips and little flag clips that I scored from Hobby Lobby.  I'm also loving these cute bicycle ones.

6.  Super cool file holder

Ok, how cool is this?  You can just have it on a desk or shelf and it keeps your files or folders right there, front and center.  This fancy thing is from the Container Store (of course).  Check it out here.

7.  Magnetic storage tins

These would be perfect for my white board to hold a few paperclips, binder clips, or other things I may need quickly.  I have some in my house to hold my spices and love them.  Wish list!

These are just a few of my favorite things (sung in my best Julie Andrews voice).  There are many many more things I love, but you'll just have to stay tuned for those once I'm back in my classroom.  

Feel free to share what speechie things or planning things you love by using the hashtag #SLPfavorites on instagram!  I'll hopefully be able to do a round up post eventually to showcase lots of the things you love.  :)  :)  

Happy organizing!


  1. The file holder is a great idea! I love it :-) I did a quick run on Amazon to find something like it as $5.99 seems a bit steep. Please share if you find one more budget friendly!!! Oh and I second the love of sharpie pens. I refuse to write with anything else :-)

    1. I tried to find one on Amazon too. No such luck. But yay we are sharpie pen buddies!

  2. I used to only use the Sharpie pens until I discovered Energel pens by Pentel. Check 'em out, you WON'T bed disappointed! They are available at all the usual spots and come in a variety of colors.


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