Monday, July 14, 2014

Organization Week Day 1: Classroom!

Welcome to Organization Week!  I have a little confession to make.  I love office supplies.  And school supplies.  And pretty baskets and bins.  Hi, my name is Lauren, and I have a post-it note addiction.  lol.  I'm excited about this week because I can share with you my love for all things paper and baskets and labels.

Day 1.  Classroom Organization!

I use the term "classroom" loosely.  I know that some therapists do not have their own classrooms all to themselves.  I actually share mine with another therapist.  Some of you may even work out of a storage closet, basement, or a random place in the school sectioned off by partitions.  Heck, your office may only consist of a giant super duper bag and a rolling cart.

No matter where you find yourself next school year, I hope a few of these organizational tips might help you.
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#1 Utilize your wall and door space.

If your space is small, you need every inch you can get.  Make good use of your wall and door space with over the door organizers, hanging files, or cork boards.

How pretty is this one?

Or use one of these to store arts and craft supplies, card decks, tongue depressors, and more!

Love this for important reminders, plus you can use the dry erase part for therapy!

#2 Plastic drawers and cutesie bins are your friends.

"A place for everything and everything in it's place."  As annoying as that mantra has always sounded to me, it is unfortunately true if you ever want to find anything.  Drawers, pockets, and bins are a big help when you have lots of little supplies, like I do.

I got this tall plastic drawer storage from Walmart to hold my arts and crafts.

I put lots of the supplies I use frequently in this Thirty-one pocket bucket and keep it on my table. :)

I love this rolling cart (excuse the messy top drawer from being sloshed around on top of my cubbies).  I keep all of my working materials in this cart next to my kidney table. The supplies and themed materials for the week are kept in the drawer and files for me to just grab and go.  This way I don't have to hunt for them or get them out each day.

I got this one a few years ago, but here is one that is similar: Safco Onyx Mesh File Cart .  Or make your own teacher toolbox, like this one.  Just revamp it for an SLP.

#3 Label it...but make it pretty.

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times.  Labels are essential to staying organized.  Drawers and pockets may hold your supplies, but labels will help you keep putting it back there and keep stray objects from finding their way inside.

Find these free labels HERE!
Going the extra mile to make the labels pretty and uniform will give your speech room that "put together" look.

These cute chalkboard labels are included in my new Back to School Classroom Starter Kit.

You can even use labels to help "conceal" some of your clutter, kind of like Charity from The Organized Classroom Blog does HERE.

#4 Sort materials into ziplock bags and crates.

How do you store your TPT materials?  I know some that use binders or boxes (great ideas!).  I like to use ziplock bags and file crates.  I put all of the materials for a packet inside the ziplock then arrange them by theme or disorder.

I like this system because I can quickly glance and grab what I need without digging too much.  TPT materials aren't the only thing you could do this with.  You could also sort card decks, worksheets, or other therapy materials in crates and baggies.  :)

#5 Get creative.

Sometimes you have to use a little imagination and get creative with your organizing, especially if you're on a tight budget.  For example, you might place command hooks on the side of your shelf or the inside of your cabinet to hang scissors or supplies.  OR use the back of your teacher desk like a board.  Hang things you need on it or make it functional for you in some way.

Stand back and assess your space.  What can you make functional?  How can you make it work for you?

You can also get some great ideas from Pinterest.  You can follow my speech room organization board for some ideas.  This buzzfeed article has lots of cute ideas for teachers that you may be able to make work for you.
Image from BuzzFeed 

The important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it.  Make it pretty.  You have to be there for most of your day most of your week, so you want to be able to enjoy your space.  :)

Check out my blog post from last year for a few other essential items you might need for your room.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out how I handle paperwork!

How do you keep your speech room organized?  I'd love to hear your ideas!!


  1. Great ideas! I came up with this for keeping my TPT materials organized.


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