Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Obsessed with Washi Tape

When I first saw washi tape I was kind of confused.  I didn't understand what exactly you were supposed to do with it, but I knew I loved all of the fun designs and colors.  Since then, I've discovered SO many ways to dress things up with washi tape.  I've been sticking it all over the place lol.

Check out some of the fun things I've been doing with it to "prettyfy" my speech room.

1.  I decorated my laptop with it.  Now, this is actually my home laptop, but you could decorate your work computer with it too.  Find washi tape with your room theme and go nuts!  Lol.

2.  I cutesied up my room clips and hall passes.  My school uses clips for hall and bathroom passes.  It's just a regular wooden clothespin with washi tape on top.  Loving them!

3.  I even decorated old pencils lol...sometimes it's the little things.

4.  I found a $.99 toothbrush holder and spruced it up to make a fabulous sharpie cup for my desk!  Love!

I've even used it to frame artwork and photos to my white board and bulletin boards.  The possibilities with this stuff are endless!  Stay tuned for more washi tape ideas in the future!

Do you play with washi tape too?  What do you do with it?


  1. Lauren you are so creative! Up until I read this I was calling it 'pretty duct tape'! Ha, ha! So glad I know the real name now!

  2. I too LOVE washi tape. We went through this duct tape phase in my house (lots of creations) and now this washi finding ways to use it. It's so cute! Right now my owl roll and aqua chevrons are popping up everywhere!

    1. Oooh! Let me know if you have any more good ideas! :)

  3. What great ideas! I'd never even heard the proper name of this stuff before!

    1. Thanks CC! I've been going a little crazy with it!


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