Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrifty Finds and a Sale!

Linking up with Speech Room News today to show my thrifty finds!  I have to admit my local thrift store was a little underwhelming this time.  It really took some digging to even be able to come up with the things that I did purchase!  

Here were my fabulous items that I scored!

1.  Operation!  It's even the new version and it was only $2.  Great reinforcement for my kids.  Maybe I'll even stick tiny foam shapes in there with their artic words on them!  :)

2.  A magic hat set.  Also for $2.  I figured this would be fun to use by placing objects in the hat or under the cups for describing, identifying, artic, etc.  Cute!

3.  Lots of cheapo kids books!  Any SLP can always use more books, right?  It's what we do best!  I love them and am always on the lookout for good ones that are short enough for a therapy session yet appropriate for my kids.

These were some of my favorite finds.  I've also found some pretty decent pretend play toys in the past and books of course.  Since I'm not at work these days, I can't post pics of those.  ;)

Be sure and head over to Speech Room News to check out all of the other amazing finds!

Oh, and I'm participating in the SLP 4th of July Sale!  Be sure and visit my TPT store to get a head start on those things you'll need for next year!

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