Tuesday, December 17, 2013

S-Peachy Feedback December ~ 2 Winners!

It's a special edition of S...peachy Feedback this month with Speech Peeps!  This time we are choosing TWO of the fabulous comments we received to win a free product of your choice from our TPT stores!  One is from a paid item and one is from a freebie.  :)

Here are my winners!

I received this about my Superhero Comic Book Companion Pack:

This comment made my day!!  Thanks, Julie Graham, for the awesome feedback!  Please contact me to receive anything you'd like from my TPT store!  busybeespeech@gmail.com.

I also received this comment about my Gingerbread Speech Freebie:

I loved this sweet feedback from tgunn0627.  Thanks for sharing!  Please contact me and let me know what you'd like from my little store.  :)  busybeespeech@gmail.com.

Thanks so much to everyone who leaves feedback!  It absolutely means more than you know!  Be sure and check out Nicole's blog over at Speech Peeps to see if you're a winner.

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