Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Worksheets & MORE!

It's officially December.  What?  Cue the Christmas lights, carols, and crowded malls.  Here's to a fun-filled holiday season!

In my speech room, we are all about fun Christmas activities this month, from gingerbread men to Santa.  So today, I've got another worksheet pack ready...Christmas style!

Quick side note: This post is kind of long, so be sure and stay with me until the end for a giveaway at the bottom!  

This pack is a little bigger than my other worksheet/HW packs.  It comes with 18 generic worksheets, including:


Cut/glue activities

Coloring sheet reinforcers

Syllable practice

Dice Games

Tic Tac Toe, Christmas Flip books, and More!

There are also specific activities for /r/ and /s/ included.

LOVE these Christmas flip books!

You can grab this worksheet pack at my TPT store HERE!

December also means exit fall and enter winter!  To help get ready, I've got a couple more packets for you.  Newly available in my store are a Winter Worksheet & HW Packet as well as a Valentine's Day Worksheet & HW Packet.

Most of my worksheet packs have similar activities but with different themes.  Here's a look at a little of what's included in the winter pack:

Grab this packet at my TPT store HERE.

Here are a few glimpses at the Valentine packet:

You can grab this packet at my TPT store HERE.

All 3 of these packs are in black and white and are made to be printed on regular paper.  No laminating, colored ink, or card stock required.  :)

If you're interested, you can grab ALL 3 packs bundled together to save a little $...20% to be exact!

I've also got a free copy of the bundle (all 3 packs) ready to giveaway!  Just enter in the rafflecopter below.

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  1. I love print and go activities! Perfect for the busy SLP!

  2. My students love to be doing something with their hands while working with their drill words. This is so perfect! And very easy to send home; and to show their friends what they "do" in speech!

  3. These worksheets are great for homework and quick activities for during our speech sessions. My kiddos really enjoy these!

  4. I love these! What great go-to activities! These will make my life much easier

  5. These are great activities for busy SLPs!

  6. love black & white quick activities

  7. These activities would really help with those mixed groups. While working on artic, the language kids could be working a sheet and vice versa. These packets would also make for easy home practice plus give my students "work" to hang in the hall :)

  8. My students love your worksheet and homework packets! We used the fall bundle packet so many times during the fall. They used to to complete homework assignments as well as follow simple directions/labeling/basic sentence structure for my students on the autism spectrum. We also used the materials as reinforcers when completing articulation and language tasks in the speech room. I love how there is very little prep work and the graphics are very inviting. I would use the winter packets in the same way!

  9. This is perfect to add to my kiddo's speech folders for the upcoming winter break!


  10. These are simple yet entertaining activities for my younger students.

  11. I have several of your products. My students like them, they are so helpful for working on any skill and add that extra 'visual' element, then the activity can be sent home for follow up. Many of the parents are also happy with the quality of speech homework coming home this year--I give people like you all the credit!

  12. These would be so much fun for my students!! I bet they would beg for more!

  13. These would be great for my student's homework folders!

  14. These will help my kids have fun while learning and also with homework

  15. My students will love these and they will make planning easier. Thank you for sharing.


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