Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tangled Tuesday

I'm excited to be teaming up with Amy from Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl today!  She is reviewing one of my products over at her blog, so you can sneak on over and check out which one.  :)  Today I am reviewing her Language Envelopes Activity!  It's jammed packed with games and activities for several different areas of language.  Plus, it's geared toward your 2nd-6th graders, so it's appropriate for your older elementary kiddos.  Check it!
Each language activity comes with a title page that includes directions to play (most have several different playing options!), front-facing envelopes, back-facing envelopes, and stamps.  In general, students can receive a stamp if they answer correctly and sort the stamps onto little mailboxes.  Now let's check out each activity that's included.
  • First up, Envelope Categories.  Students match the words on the envelopes to the correct category.  She includes 4 different ideas to play.

  • Envelope Yes/No Questions:  Students respond appropriately to the question given on the card.  This game can be played expressively by answering the questions aloud.  It can also be played receptively by sorting the cards onto the enclosed yes/no envelopes.
  • Envelope WH Questions: Students match the questions to the responses (my favorite way to work on questions).  It contains stimulus cards for who, what, when, and where questions.  You can also sort the cards into the different question types and play using an enclosed game board.

  • Envelope Multiple Meaning Words: Included are 4 options to play.  Students can use the sentence and word cards to match the vocabulary word with the appropriate sentences.  They can also use the definition and instruction cards to match the words and definitions.  It can also be played expressively using just the instruction cards or definition cards.
  • Envelope Synonyms: Students can draw a sentence card and find the envelope that contains the correct words to fill the blank.  You could also just use the word cards and have students come up with their own sentences. 
  • Envelope Antonyms: Each envelope contains 4 words.  Students must correctly identify the antonym pair.  If they respond correctly, they can put their envelope onto their mailbox.
Isn't this a cute activity?  It's a great way to work on vocabulary and allows for you to target multiple goals with the same group of kids.  

You can check out Amy at her blog HERE or her TPT store HERE.  You can also like her on Facebook through her blog.

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