Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Fun!

It's a beautiful day here in South Louisiana!  A little on the warm side, but clear and sunny and cheerful.  Spring is definitely here.  The grass is greener, and flowers and trees are starting to bud.  Even my fig tree is sprouting some big, fat leaves.  

Since it was so nice out, I decided to take Maisy for a long walk.  Well, I think I need to do this more often because this is what she looked like afterward.  

LOL...poor baby is so out of shape.

This is some perfect weather to celebrate Earth Day!  I know some of you have already done your Earth Day activities, so you'll just have to put these in your pockets for next year.  We'll actually be doing fun "Earthy" activities all this week!  Check out what's happening in my speech room.

First, I grabbed The Lorax to read with the kids.  

They LOVE this book and so do I.  I created a few of these half-page worksheets to use with some of my groups.  They fill this out while we read...with a little help of course.  They include worksheets for artic, rhyming, and vocabulary.

You can grab a copy of these worksheets for free HERE.

We also made some cute crafts to go along with it.  I snagged this fun foam earth-themed set from Wal-mart last year.  

Every time they responded correctly or said their target word a certain number of times, they got a foam sticker.  They turned out pretty cute!

I also made a giant Earth out of bulletin board paper and attached it to my classroom wall with sticky tack.  The students traced their hands and cut them out.  I had some of them find Earth Day vocabulary that included their artic sounds and write them on the hands.  It turned out super cool, if I may say so!  :)

The whole thing will be filled with hands by the end of the week.  It's looking a little bare right now, since we were just getting started.

Oh, and be excited because I've got some FREEBIES for you!  :)  Check them out!

Color-a-pic worksheets:

Sentence writing cards:

Vocabulary wordlist page.  This page can be used for describing, defining, conversation starters, etc.  I had my articulation kids find words with their sound in them and write them on the hands.

Grab your own copy of these freebies HERE.

What do you think?  Hope you can use some of these activities, even if for next year!  


  1. All great ideas, Lauren!! I love seeing what's going on in other speech rooms! I'm ashamed to say I've never read THE LORAX- now you have me curious!

    1. Thanks, Mia!! You should totally read The Lorax! It's super cute :)


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