Wednesday, April 10, 2013

App Review: Apraxia Ville!

This app from Smarty Ears has been MUCH anticipated by me.  I could not wait to try it out with my apraxia kiddos.  If you are needing something that's engaging for your young kids and that targets the appropriate areas for apraxia, then you are going to loooovvvee this one!  :)

Check out Apraxia Ville!

It uses a cute farm theme and provides lots of visual support.  On the main page you have the option to choose Quick Play, Select Player, view Reports/Homework, or Support.

* Quick Play allows you to jump right in to the game without designating the data to any specific player (good for when your student is screaming, and you're just trying to do anything to get him to engage in something lol).

* When you Select Player, it brings you to the student screen that gives you the chance to input your students.  You can do this via Therapy Report Center or add them yourself.  Just click a player to select, and you can select up to 4 players in a group.

Here is the activity main page that includes 3 levels of games:

The settings even allow you to customize the word lists to your liking.  You can add your own pictures and words as well.

  • The Sound Windows activity is great for kids beginning to practice CV sounds.  They can watch and listen to the avatars use correct production of consonant sounds and vowel sounds.  The productions are very clear.  You can even see their tongues and teeth move to the correct positions.  To change phonemes just click on the wooden letter below the pic!  

One of my favorite features is the little camera at the top right corner.  If you have an iPad with a front-facing camera, pressing it will cause the camera to pop up in the window!  Kids can watch themselves practice their sounds.  Yes, that's me practicing my /l/ sound...haha Sorry, it was the end of the day.  

  • The Farm House activity moves toward real word production.  You can customize for each student.  Choose whether to target CV, VC, or CVC words, the desired phonemes, and the desired vowel sounds.

Once each is selected, it brings you to the farm house screen.  Isn't it cute?  Above each student's avatar is green, yellow, and red buttons you can tally on.  Click the avatars to switch between turns.  

Clicking the magnifying glass over the faces in the bottom window will take you right back to the Sound Windows screen.  Or you can watch them produce the sounds here and change between the phonemes by clicking the letter.  Click the red circle to record and green triangle to play back.

  • The Words Farm activity lets students practice 2 or 3 words together.  They can practice the same words, different words, same phonemes, or different phonemes.  The screens are very customizable.

Clicking on the letters allows you to choose the phonemes to target.  Kids can also record themselves by touching the red circle.  The therapist can tally next to the child's picture.  Hit "done" anytime you are ready to finish.

* Reports and Homework - This app gives a really good break down of data in the report center.  You can view the consonant productions, vowel productions, and overall accuracies.

Share the data by opening the reports in an email or simply transfer it to TRC (a free Smarty Ears app).

Another AWESOME feature is the ability to produce and print a customized homework packet!  Just email it to yourself, print, and hand out to your students.   

What I dig about this app:
- The targets are appropriate for young children with apraxia (CV, CVC)
- It gives LOTS of visual and auditory support and cues
- The option to open the camera in the app to view yourself making the productions
- HOMEWORK feature!
- You can use it with up to 4 kids in one group at the same time.
- Quick play option for if you need to quickly get some productions in.

What might make this app better:
-'s pretty awesome the way it is.  It might be cool for more game-like options such as memory matching, etc.  Kids get bored quickly lol.  

You can grab this app HERE in iTunes for $21.99.  Totally worth it in my opinion.  


  1. I love this app too! It really is great.

  2. I really, really want this app! I have a couple of students who would LOVE it! Maybe next year when/if we get supply money!

  3. We just diagnosed my son with speech apraxia and I love that I found this. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like I need to get an IPAD because I can't find things on an android to help him with his speech.

    1. Yes! The iPad is AWESOME for reinforcing therapy at home! :)


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