Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Easter, Biscuit!

It's time for another Biscuit book!  Just in time for Easter, this book is so cute.  Biscuit and the little girl go hunting around for Easter eggs.  It's actually a lift-the-flap book, so I use this one a little bit differently than my other books.  I don't use velcro.  :O Gasp!  You know how much I love velcro and Biscuit books lol (if not, check out my previous Biscuit posts here, here, and here).  :)

Since the book is pretty interactive on its own, I decided that adding more pictures to the pages would be a little confusing for my preschoolers.  Plus, they love lifting the flaps and finding the eggs, so we just stick with that.

I created some vocabulary cards to go along with this book that I use for identifying vocabulary, describing, story retell, and sequencing.

The Easter egg hunt theme is perfect to target prepositions with my preschoolers and early elementary kiddos.  We talk about how things are under, between, on top, beside, etc.  I also created some cards that I use along side the book to help teach this skill.

There are a few basic concept cards.  You can also use these to practice opposites.

And of course I have a little coloring page, so they'll have something to take home with them.  I like to write words and let them draw pictures of the things we saw in the book.

You can grab a copy of this freebie HERE.  Hope you can use them!  How do you like to use Biscuit?

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