Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Biscuit's Valentine's Day

My little ones and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with Biscuit this year.  You know how much I love that cute puppy.  In case you don't, you can check out how I used Biscuit books at Halloween and Christmas.

Today I've got a FREEBIE mini companion pack for you in case you need some last minute V-day ideas.  :) Here's how we're using Biscuit's Valentine's Day.

I print, laminated, and cut out the vocabulary pictures.  Then, I attached them to the matching places in the book using velcro.  
I set up all the pictures on my velcro mat and let the kids pull them off as we read the story.  

I love using these cards as props, discussing vocabulary, and retelling the story.  Another skill we work on is comprehension.  These cute little puppy cards will help with that!  I stuffed them all in this mini mailbox I snagged at Target's dollar spot.  One of the words they use in the story is "deliver," so I used the mailbox to talk about the word and explain how mailmen deliver mail.

We worked on sequencing using the chart below.  I had them draw pictures of the different parts of the story to show the order of what happened.  

There are also some open ended worksheets to use with any target skill.  :)

You can grab this freebie HERE!!  Hope this helps some of you who may be in a bind!  :)  Please leave a comment below if you download.  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Super cute!! Inspired me to go check out your other holiday Biscuit units! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Very cute activities. I will have to look for these books!

  3. Thanks for these activities! I am planning on using this Biscuit book next week and these are perfect!

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