Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Candy Speech {Freebie!}

It's Valentine's week!  We've got hearts and flowers and pink and red throwing up all over our speech room lol.  Gotta love it.  To add to your Valentine fun I've got a yummy new freebie for you!

Enter: Valentine Candy Speech!

This one is played just like my other yummy freebie open-ended games.  It's made to be played with REAL candy or, in my case, we used strawberry flavored heart marshmallows!  They LOVED it.

The game comes with 2 different heart mats,

Valentine candy number cards,

cupcake wild cards,

and a bonus say and cover heart game.

To play this bonus game I have the students say their word a certain number of times then cover a heart with a marshmallow.  For my kids at the conversation level, I gave them a marshmallow every time I heard them use their sound correctly.

The kids have been having SO much fun stuffing their faces with marshmallows and practicing their speech.

Grab this freebie HERE and don't forget to leave some lovely feedback!  I love hearing what you think.  :)

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