Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lucky Speech Open-Ended FREEBIE

This product has come after several requests!  I'm so glad you are loving my open-ended reinforcement games that use real candies or snacks!  And because lots of you asked for a St. Patrick's Day themed one, this one's all for you.  :)

Lucky Speech was made to be played with real Lucky Charms cereal!  You could even use stickers, erasers, or even those little gold coins.

The game comes with 2 mats, clover number cards, and leprechaun wild cards.

I usually print out 3 number pages and one wild card page.  Students take turns drawing cards and collecting candies/objects as a reinforcement for any speech or language skill or card deck.  They really do love these and have so much fun with them!

You can grab this freebie at my TPT store HERE!  Don't forget to leave feedback and let me know how it's working for you!  :)  

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