Sunday, February 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day Worksheets & HW Packet!!

You ever finish a game or activity and find yourself with a several minutes to spare?  There's not enough time to start something new, but too much time to start wrapping it up.  At this point, my go-to is usually a worksheet.  I like having several on hand and ready to grab.  I like even better when they're generic, and I can quickly jot some artic words, sight words, or vocabulary words on their sheet.

Another good thing about worksheets is if they don't finish, I can send it home with them for homework.  Today, I have some of these fun worksheets for you.  You can use them for a therapy activity or just to send home for homework.  I'm hoping these will be motivating enough for them to actually do their homework!  Lol.

This packet is super cute and St. Patty's Day themed!  Check it out!  I love that there is NO laminating or colored ink required!  :)

There are 12 generic worksheets and 5 worksheets for /r/ and 5 worksheets for /s/.  Aren't they fun?
Do-a-dot clover! :)

Color a clover pages!

Roll a sound rainbow and clovers!

What's under the hat cut and glue activity and color by speech sound worksheets.

I've filled in some of the worksheets with /r/ and /s/ sounds too.  All of these also come in blank as well.

Cut and glue activities for pot o'gold and feed the owl.

Tic-tac-toe Irish flags and roll-a-sound clover style!

You can grab this at my TPT store HERE!  What do you think?  What will you be sending home for homework next month?  

And don't forget about the President's Day sale!!  15% off my entire store all day long!  Grab what you need!  :)


  1. Please make more of this type of black/white activities! I don't have the time to laminate and can't afford to print all the adorable color TPT materials all the time! This is great, thanks :)

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you can use it! Check back in a couple days for an Easter themed worksheet pack! :)


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