Friday, December 28, 2012

Valentine Language Pack

Alright, so it may be a little early for Valentine activities.  This clipart was just so cute, that I couldn't pass it up.  Check it!

This pack targets asking WH questions, answering WH questions, following directions (1-3 step), synonyms, and antonyms.  I'm excited to use this during Valentine's week.  Aren't the graphics fun?

There are 2 ways the kids can play!  They can either use the included game board, or they can just use the cards and sort them onto the mats.

  • Asking WH questions - There's a prompt for the type of wh-question and response on each card.
  • Answering WH questions - There's a question prompt for who, what, when, where, and why questions.  It features cute little boy and girl robots.  Love em!
  • Following directions - The bird cards include 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step directions.  
  • Synonyms - These can be used as a matching game or just identifying the synonyms using the game board.
  • Antonyms - These can also be used as a matching game or identifying the antonyms when using the game board.

Every game needs some wild cards!  These crazy and happy cupcakes did the trick.  

You can grab this packet at my TPT store HERE!  Enjoy!

I'll send a free copy to the first 2 blog followers that comment with their email!  To follow this blog, just press the "join this site" button on the right.  :)


  1. This looks adorable Lauren!

  2. Super cute! Thank-you!

  3. I have this on my wishlist...too cute!


    Looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I love holiday stuff! You rock -


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