Monday, December 10, 2012

Speech Christmas Tree

I reeeaaally wanted a Christmas tree in my speech room this year.  Since it's Christmastime and budgets are tight, I decided a makeshift paper tree would do just fine.  So, I cut one out of bulletin board paper and added a foam star.  Then I tacked it to the wall.  What do you think?

To be able to decorate it multiple ways, I taped paper clips to the paper and opened it up a little.  See below.

I wanted to be able to take things on and off of the tree.  Today, we decorated paper ornaments and made sentence chains.  The kids had lots of fun with it!  I had them write their speech words on the ornaments and write sentences on strips of paper.

Some wrote sentences with vocabulary words, some with spelling words, and some with their articulation words.

It's not quite finished yet, but here's what it looks like so far.  :)  I love it!!  And so do the kiddos!

What about you??  Do you have a tree up in your speech room?  I know some of you aren't allowed to do Christmasy things at school.  If you did happen to put up a tree, shoot me a picture of it at and I'll add it to the bottom of this post!  :)

1.  Joan's tree!

Here's what she says: "I've put this tree up for several years now, complete with lights and shatterproof ornaments that the students decorate with glitter. Awesome for following directions and sequence recall!! I have 7 colors of glitter set up on a table in aluminum pans, and a separate table for glue and paintbrushes. They put glue on for one color at a time: glitter it then go back for more glue.
The kids love to check out the tree with the lights off!!"


  1. I don't have a tree up in my rooms, but this is a super cute idea!

  2. I love your idea! I'm going to have to remember it for next year!

    1. Thanks! It's fun for me and the kids :)


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