Thursday, May 16, 2013

Product Review: Language Difference vs. Disorder

As some of you may know, I deal with bilingual kids in my district on a regular basis.  I'm the "resident spanish therapist" for the parish and am involved in most, if not all, Spanish speech therapy cases.  Because I am frequently assessing bilingual kids, I jumped at the chance to grab Tatyana's Language Difference vs. Language Disorder when she asked me to review one of her products.

This 113 page packet is jammed packed with content on how to assess and intervene with bilingual children.   The focus of the material is to provide evidence for your EBP when dealing with ELL kiddos.  It will also give you some recommendations on how to intervene.

This packet is a great way to learn some good research-based information on bilingual language development and language differences and disorders.  You can also teach yourself assessment and therapy strategies.

Some of the objectives include:

  • Describe the sequence of typical bilingual development
  • Explain the process of second language acquisition in children
  • Contrast communication differences vs. disorders in bilingual children
  • Discuss research driven evidence based practices in assessment of bilingual children
  • Demonstrate potential limitations of standardized testing
  • Explain concerns about reporting standard scores
  • Illustrate how to use alternative methods of assessment to avoid bias
  • Describe research driven practices in treatment of bilingual kids with confirmed language disorders.
Tatyana thoroughly explains normal bilingual language development and acquisition.

She also gives evidence based intervention approaches.

I saved this pdf power point on my iPad in iBooks.  That way I can refer to it whenever I need.  It's a great resource to have on hand, especially when prepping for team meetings involving bilingual cases.

Tatyana blogs over at Smart Speech Therapy.  Check out her information:

Today, Tatyana is actually reviewing my Common Core RtI Pack for K-2.  You can check out her review here!

We decided to do a Rafflecopter giveaway of each of our products on our blogs!  So enter below to win a copy of my Common Core RtI Assessment Pack and head over to her blog to enter for a chance to win Language Difference vs. Language Disorder: Assessment and Intervention Strategies for SLPs Working with Bilingual Children.

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  1. I have had bilingual students before, but do not currently have any.

  2. I don't currently have any and have never had any in the past.

  3. you are invited to follow my blog

  4. I am lucky enough to be one of two SLP's at my school, last year we had none, but this year we have a combined total of 6 kindergarten students who are ELL.

  5. Yes I do have several bilingual children on my caseload.

  6. I do, but currently the school district that I am assigned to does not have a big bilingual population. However, the Educational Service Unit that hires SLP and contracts to districts does have schools that have large populations of bilingual students (some even the majority is bilingual). As a group (slps & school psychs) we are focusing on bilingual issues. This resource sounds awesome and I want to become familiar with it's information!

  7. one of my schools is mostly a bilingual caseload.

  8. I have several bilingual students on my caseload.

  9. I have several bilingual kids on my caseload.

  10. My interest is working with bilingual students upon completion of graduation school. Thank you for sharing!


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