Friday, February 1, 2013

Preschool Week Day 5: Blooming Preschool

I hope you've all enjoyed these preschool posts!  Hopefully, you were able to take something with you into your speech rooms.  Today, I have something for you that you can definitely use with your preschool groups!  This new download is ready to roll!

Check out Blooming Preschool Language!  Oh, and the graphics are so fun.  I love how cute these little mice are!  This pack is the perfect companion to my Penguin Preschool Language pack.  It targets most of the same skills in a similar format, but the theme is more spring than winter.  :)

Contents include:

  • Prepositions - For this set, students choose a mouse card and place it in the appropriate location in relation to the tree stump.  To practice "between," you could either print 2 stumps and place the mouse between the stumps OR just place the mouse between the stump and another mouse card. It comes with 12 preposition cards.

  • Categories - Sort the flower cards onto the different category mats.  There are 6 mats and 36 flower cards.

  • Functions - Aren't these cute?!  Help the mouse find his acorn. Students can match the hunting mouse to the appropriate acorn.  The mice cards have function questions on them, and the acorn cards have the object functions.  Visuals are included for all of these!  It comes with 18 function question cards and 18 object function acorn cards.

  • Basic Concepts/Opposites - Students draw a card and identify the concept pictured on the cards.  You can also practice opposites with these as well.  There are 18 concept cards.  Note: Target cards are similar to the Penguin Preschool pack basic concept cards.

  • Angry Fox Uh-Oh Cards - These distractor cards can be used with any of the above games.  I only use these if my kiddos are able to understand them.

  • WH Question Cards - I've also included 18 wh-question cards.  You can cut these out or use a 3" circle punch.  Student simply draw a card and answer the question.  I like to make it fun by either letting them fish for the cards, hiding the cards in a bucket of beans or rice, or spreading them out around the room to let them "hunt" for them.  
  • There are also a set of blank cards and a basic concepts "key" included.
Grab this packet from my TPT store.  What do y'all think??  Hope some of you can use it! :)  

Thank you so much for joining me this week to chat about the "little guys."  I appreciate all the support!  And I'm ready to give out 2 free copies of this PK packet!  Just leave a comment on this blogpost to enter, and I'll randomly pick 2 winners!   


  1. Great concept! Would love this for my preschoolers.

  2. Love this. I have your Penguin Preschool Language pack and this would be a great addition! Thank you for creating it and thank you for the great preschool themed week!

  3. Thanks for all the great posts this week (and always!). I found a lot of new ideas for the little guys I work with. I would love to add this pack to my resources!

    1. Hey hey hey! My random number generator picked your number!! Email me at, so I can send you the packet! :)

  4. Thank you so much for all the preschool posts this week. I love the preschool population and you had wonderful ideas~

  5. This would be great for my PK and 4K students. Love it!!!

  6. Such a great packet! Very versatile and such cute graphics! :)

  7. I love this packet! It looks so cute. You always make such cute material! Thanks for all your posts this week and for the giveawsay :)

  8. This looks wonderful! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  9. Thank you for all the info this week! The new packet looks like fun. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  10. I love how the pictures are including (i.e., with the function activity) - truly meant for preschoolers! Thanks!

  11. Always looking for new ways to address basic concepts! Very cute packet! Thanks!

  12. Great series this week, Lauren! I have your penguin preschool language pack and my kids love it! This will be going on my wishlist for the sale this weekend!! :)

  13. I love this! Very cute packet!

    Let's Talk SLP

  14. Love the posts this week!! This pack looks so cute! Love the graphics!

  15. This is an awesome packet! Thanks so much :)
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  16. Thanks for all the great prek posts this week. Got some good new ideas. Love your new pack. Go Spring!


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