Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Language Empires App Review

It's hard to find a comprehensive app that targets the language concepts I need.  I love Language Empires because I can take it into classrooms with me and can usually gather some good data for whatever skill that teacher happens to be working on.  It's great not having to do a lot of prep.

I know there have already been several reviews of this app from SLP bloggers, but I'm excited to give you my 2 cents as well.  Though Smarty Ears was super generous to give me a copy of this app to review, all the opinions here are mine.

At first glance of seeing this app, I thought, "Oh man, this is gonna be complicated and aggravating to maneuver through."  But, in fact, it's super easy!!  And the kids love it because it's similar to a video game.

Click "Visit the City" to get started playing!  It will bring you to the screen below to decide which students you want to play.

Clicking the "settings" button will bring you to options for how you want the questions presented.

Once you choose the students, decide what skills you want to target for each person by dragging them to the different empires.  More than one student can be put on the same empire.

Students choose the appropriate response to each question given.  

If more than one student is playing, the person on the left should be the one responding to the question.

Clicking "done" will bring you to the results screen.  Tap a student to review their trophies or their reports.

Tap "quick play" if you just want to jump in and start with questions.  It'll take you directly to the empires page for you to choose your categories to target.

There won't be any certain player for the questions, just a generic figure.  Target as many areas and questions as you need.

Finally, the report tab will allow you to choose a student to review their reports.

You have the option of emailing it or transferring the data to Therapy Report Center (which I love!).

You can grab this app HERE in iTunes for $29.99.  However, it is ON SALE right now for $20.99!!  Yay :)

What I dig about this app:

  • There are lots of language skills available to target.
  • You can have multiple players at the same time, making it very group-friendly.
  • The reporting data is clear and detailed, making it easy to share with parents.
  • It looks like a video game, so kids are very motivated to use it.
  • It is leveled and appropriate for many age groups.
What could make this app better:
  • I'd love an option to read the responses to the questions aloud.  I had to read most of them to my students.
  • I'd like to know what grades are appropriate for each level of the different skills.  I found myself having to guess for my students, then having to go back and change if the questions were too easy or difficult.
  • The app is a little pricey...so for sure grab it while it's on sale.
Overall, love this app!  It's definitely an excellent addition to your language app repertoire.       

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