Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Verb Quest App Review & GIVEAWAY

Smarty Ears has recently released a new app called Verb Quest.  It's cute, kid-friendly, and has a fun witch theme.  So many of my students have difficulty understanding verbs.  Having an app that targets verbs specifically is great for addressing these skills and collecting good data.

Check it out!

Tap "play" on the home screen to get started and add players.

Choose the level at which you'd like each player to work by tapping modify.  There are 20 levels that include simple, irregular, past/present/future, progressives, modals, and much more.  (It gets really complex!) If you master the level by getting 10 sentences correct without a hint, it will automatically progress you to the next level.

Hit start to begin.  To play choose the correct word or phrase that fits correctly into the target sentence.  Once you get it right, you have the option of recording yourself repeating the sentence to practice speaking correctly.  I LOVE this option.

The target screen shows whose turn it is at the top of the screen, the accuracy at the bottom left, and a hint button on the bottom right.  You can change the settings by tapping the top left corner.  You have the option of changing the background, displaying the hint and accuracy, using automatic progression, and recording correct responses.

When finished tap "done" to end the game.  This takes you to the reports room where you can view each student's progress.  You can analyze their data by session or by level.

After a student completes a level, they win a virtual trophy to put on their virtual shelf.  ;)  This for some reason, is super motivating for my kids.  Sometimes they ask if they can play "the trophy game" to earn more for their shelves.  Haha. 

Recap of what I love about this app:
  • It's unique.  There really aren't that many other apps out there that specifically target verbs.
  • The graphics are appealing and motivating for students.
  • You can record your student repeating the sentence using the correct verb form.  
  • It automatically progresses you to the next level once you've successfully mastered a level.
  • The rewards are motivating for students.
What could make it better:
  • The hint option just gives the student the correct response.  I wish it would eliminate an answer choice instead.
Verb Quest is $19.99 on iTunes.  Check it out HERE.  

Smarty Ears gave me a free copy of the app to giveaway!!  Enter in the Rafflecopter below to win a copy of your own.  The opinions of this app review are my own.  I was given a copy of this app to review, but no other compensation was provided.


  1. This app would help me by providing a fun way to reinforce their verb skills. It's always nice to target verbs using different approaches and materials!

  2. What an engaging way to help students learn verbs!

  3. The more I can have on my ipad, the lighter my therapy bag is!

  4. This would be a great app to help my students (who are deaf or hard of hearing) to work on their verbs and hear themselves speak!

  5. Would love to win! I agree with Wendance. Perfect for my deaf kiddos =)

  6. Great to have an engaging app to work on verbs.

  7. I would use it every day with my students!


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