Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Orlando Fun and a FREEBIE!

Do you have the post-ASHA blues?  Or are you a little blue that you didn't get to go to Orlando and join in the fun?  If you've been following our hashtag #SLPbloggers on Facebook or Insta, you may have seen lots of fun pics and posts of our time at ASHA.  Here's a little recap, so you can re-live the experience a bit. ;)

We had our very own blogger table at the exhibit hall.  

We passed out a couple thousand flyers and made new friends and hugged the necks of sweet people who knew us from the internet.  We also took selfies and gave out goodies to everyone who would take them.     

11 SLP bloggers were hosting the table at the convention.  Check out the flyer to see who was there.  We even got to tell people about speech therapy blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers stores who had never heard of them before!  

Inside the ASHA store was a cool photo booth where you could take silly pics and sport all kinds of SLP paraphernalia.  Here I am with Maureen from The Speech Bubble SLP!  
At our booth, we gave away lots of freebies and raffle entries.  How sweet are these SLP buttons?

I also made cute little mini task cards to give out.  They target multi-syllabic words.  Aren't they cute?

For those of you who didn't get one at ASHA or were unable to go, I making this available to you as a freebie!  Just click HERE to download the page.  Print, cut, punch a hole in the corners and you're ready to go.  

I added a few more cards to the stack, so even if you did pick one up, you may want to download to add more to your deck!

Even though I got sick on the last day (boohoo!), this was an AMAZING experience!  Hope to see you all next year in Denver!

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