Monday, October 28, 2013

Word Vault: App Review & Giveaway!

There's a fun new app in town called Word Vault!  You may have read some reviews by several of my lovely bloggy buddies, and today I'm going to give you my take on it.  Plus, you'll have a chance to win a copy of your very own!

Word Vault is an app by Home-Speech-Home and is great for students working on articulation, language, and social skills.  This app is all about words!

The above slide is the home screen.  There are four categories of word vaults to choose from: Articulation, Language, Phonology, and Social vault.  Inside each vault are word lists, probes, sentences, and/or stories associated with the topic.

Let's peek a little inside each:

1.  Articulation Vault

There are word lists associated with all phonemes in the artic vault.  Tapping "S Words" (for example) will bring your to a list of words containing the /s/ sound.

The lefthand toolbar allows you to zoom in or out on the screen as well as divide the lists into columns (1, 2, or 3).  The righthand toolbar lets you see words in initial, medial, and final position and add or take away syllables.

2.  Language Vault

The language vault contains all of the above categories listed as well as pronouns, sequencing, short stories, story starters, synonyms, WH questions, and verbs.

Check out the WH questions as an example.  Inside choose which type of question you'd like to see, then a list of questions will pop up!

3.  Phonology Vault

So many fun lists!  I'm really liking the minimal pairs one right now.

4.  Social Vault

For your kids struggling with pragmatic skills, the social vault has several lists that target social language.  Check out what happens when you tap on inferencing:

The buttons at the bottom of the screen are always present and available throughout the app.  The question mark at the bottom right tells you the function of each button.

You can even set up multiple lists at a time when working with a variety of students in a group.  Just tap on the little page icon at the bottom to access the multiple screens.

The i icon at the bottom will show the intended uses for the app with lots of suggestions for each targeted disorder.

You can also email the lists to yourself and print them, in case you wanted to use them as handouts.

What I dig about this app:

  • It's super easy to navigate and find the list you are looking for.  Very straight forward.
  • It works for a variety of disorders and exceptionalities.
  • You can set up multiple list screens when working with a group.
  • The toolbars let you view the lists in different ways and you can easily change the syllable/placement for artic.
What could make it better:
  •  It'd be nice if I could make my own list specific to an individual client, or at least add/delete from a list when certain things don't apply.
  • My non-readers have a hard time benefitting from this app since there are no pictures.  Pictures or other visuals would make it more relevant for them.
Overall, this is a great app and will come in handy a lot!  You can grab it from iTunes HERE for $9.99.  Plus, enter to win a free copy of your very own using the rafflecopter below!!  :)  


  1. Oh man! I just bought this today because I needed some word lists at the high school! I really like it though. Such a great resource!


  2. How cool! I would love to use this as a reference tool. Looks great!

  3. I travel between schools so this would be a great resource to have at my side! Thanks for a great review and the chance to win a copy!

  4. this would be so great! i'm about to graduate and currently in schools.

  5. This app would be great to have to eliminate carrying books between my schools!

  6. This would would help me so much to have a solid word list to bring between all of my schools!

  7. This looks like a great app for generating word lists. I won't have to drag my 60,000 words book back and forth!

  8. I am very excited to use this app for progress monitoring!

  9. I would love this app to help save the number of materials I cart between my 5 schools, and I love that it could be appropriate for students at all levels!

  10. I would love to have this app as it has so many different areas that it targets in one place! Working with groups of students, it will help me stay more organized and we will be able to get more accomplished during the sessions!

    Lindsay Miller

  11. This app is perfect for traveling SLPs!

  12. I know I would use this every day!

  13. This sounds so handy. Much better than hauling around different workbooks or having to make copies of lists.

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