Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Parent Letters for Speech Therapy in English & SPANISH

I spent my weekend soaking up the sun on the beach!  The beach is definitely one of my favorite places.  It was so nice and relaxing, even though the rain did catch us now and again.  This is where I parked my happy self with my floppy hat, sunglasses, and kindle:

My sis and friend and I had lots of fun hanging out and going to cool restaurants and seeing a little bit of the town.

Anyway, now it's back to reality!  I really do have a new download for you.  It's something that was much-needed for me, so I'm pretty excited about it.

Introducing: Parent Letters for Speech Therapy in English & Spanish!

This pack includes 8 different parent letters in both English and Spanish as well as in both color and black-and-white versions.

Contents include:

  • Introduction letters

  • Homework letters

  • IEP reminder letters
  • Progress report cover letter

Also included are English, Spanish, black-and-white and color versions of:
  • Summer letters
  • Parent conference request letters
  • RtI intervention letters
  • Referral letters
It's so nice to be able to grab one of these and go!  I just print a bunch at the beginning of the year and keep them in a file.  Hope some of you can use them too!  Grab them at my TPT store.  Get the IEP reminder sheets for free by downloading the preview on the TPT page.

You can win a free copy of the entire packet for yourself!  Just enter by the rafflecopter below.


  1. Email adds notes home in folders

  2. Fantastic! I switched to another school in our district last year and most of the parents only speak Spanish. I always feel guilty sending home letters in English, so I can't wait to use these!!

  3. I send home letters to parents. When it's possible, I ask our interpreter to help translate important documents. These letters would be an amazing lifesaver though!

  4. I send home notes/letters to parents in "Friday folders" through their classroom teachers. It would be great to have these forms to send though - especially since they come in Spanish as well. Thanks for your work!

  5. Great! I usually use e-mail or quarterly newsletters.

  6. Thanks for developing these. I always struggle trying to come up with an introductory letter so much that I have yet to do one. The IEP reminder letter would save me having to make extra copies of the NOM for that use which would save me printer ink and paper. Score!

  7. I have been sending notes and making phone calls. But these would be helpful as I have more Spanish speaking students and parents on my caseload this year.

  8. I call parents, send notes, and email parents. With more & more Spanish-speaking students being enrolled in my area, these would come in handy!

  9. Normally, I communicate with progress notes and occasional homework. My goal is to communicate much better this year! More than 1/2 of my caseload has Spanish speaking parents. This would be a lifesaver!!!!!

  10. Progress notes, calls and emails are the primary way I touch base with parents!

  11. All of my kids have homework folders and I try to add a small note every few weeks.

  12. I usually communicate by email or phone if needed.

  13. Working in a school with 98% diversity makes communication a little tricky. I often use an interpreter for phone calls or face to face meetings. I send a welcome letter home like yours. I was going to have it translated into Spanish this year.


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