Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Speech Cave!

I'm sure most of you have played Ned's Head, right?  In case you haven't, it's this hilarious game where kids pull gross objects out of this giant head.  They love it!  It's great for describing, word finding, or starting conversations.  You can even put card decks in there and let them pull the pictures out of his mouth and ears.

Unfortunately, I think I might be the only therapist in the world who doesn't own this game.  Last year, I was trying to think of something I could use instead of Ned...so the SPEECH CAVE was born!  :)

My kids absolutely LOVE this and ask to play it all the time.  Here is a tutorial to show you how to make one of your own! 

All the supplies you'll need are: a cardboard box, bulletin board paper, black construction paper, scissors, and tape.

1.  Start with the box.  Any old cardboard box will do.  Turn it upside down.  If it has flaps, just cut them off.

2.  Next, draw a semi-circle near the bottom middle edge of the box.  

3.  Cut along the semi-circle to make a half-moon shaped hole.  (see pic)

4.  Cover the the box with bulletin board paper.  I just used some scraps I had left over.  Tape it up like you are wrapping a present.  

5.  Then, take a sheet of black construction paper and cut strips about halfway to the top, depending on how big you drew your semi-circle.  Tape or glue the top and sides of the paper to the inside of the box behind the semi-circle.  You want the fringe to hang down where the opening is.

6.  You can decorate it however you want.  OR you can download a free copy of the graphics I used HERE.

Now for the fun part.  Before the kids come in the door, I tell them, "Oh, you really don't want to go into the speech room today.  It's much too scary.  There's a deep dark cave in there, and there could be oogly moogly monsters living in it!"  

The little ones laugh and tell me how brave they are and how they are not scared of the speech cave.  The older ones usually roll their eyes and tell me there are no such thing as monsters.  But, I know they all secretly love it...I can see it in their eyes.  Haha.

I like using the signs (like Beware and Keep Out) on the front for print awareness.  Plus, for some reason the kids get a kick out of doing something they "aren't supposed to."  

You can use the cave in a million ways.  This time, I put squishy snakes and bugs in there and had them pull them out and use it with the EET.  Oh, and yes, I write on my table with dry erase markers.  Don't worry, it comes right off. ;)

I also put articulation cards in there and have them try and find matches.  

They have a blast!

What do y'all think?  How else could you use the Speech Cave??


  1. I love it! I don't have Ned's Head either, and this is a great alternative! Can't wait to make one this weekend :-)

  2. I've had Ned's head in the past, but after switching districts, I don't have one anymore. I do have speech monsters (similar concept, typically made from kleenex boxes) that I use in a similar way.

    I might make one of these as well, it would be perfect for several of my thematic units (especially with preschoolers)!

    Talking With Rebecca

    1. Oh I'll have to check out the kleenex box speech monsters! Those sound fun too! :)

  3. Very cute! I am enjoying reading about your activities. Good luck with your blog and store!

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  4. Thanks Laura! So glad you stopped by :)

  5. This is so cute! I love your ideas!

  6. Great idea! Very motivating for artic drill and a lot of other uses!


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