Tuesday, April 8, 2014

iName It ~ App Review & {Giveaway}

It's state testing week in my district!  That means no therapy, just sitting with a small group of kiddos delivering a test.  Fun times.  Well, there's nothing like a little giveaway to liven things up!  When Smarty Ears contacted me to review their app, iName It, I said of course!  I love being able to show you  around a new app.

Check it out.  *Although Smarty Ears provided me a copy of this app, the opinions and ideas expressed are all mine. 

The Home page contains 4 buttons at the bottom: Start Practice, Settings, Results, and Support.  The "settings" tab allows you to change the language from English to Spanish or Portuguese.

The "support" button lets you learn more about the app and Smarty Ears.  I always start here and watch the video tutorial.  That way I don't miss any fun tid bits about the app.  :)

To get started tap on "start practice" and enter the user information.  You can create as many users as you need but you can only target one at a time.

The next screen presents you 5 different household rooms.  Each one targets 10 items that can usually be found in that room.  You just choose the room you want to go to in order to get started.

Inside each room is a scene with several common items to identify.  The list of items are located in the green box at the bottom of the screen.  Just tap on the item you'd like your client to identify.

Once you tap it, everything else in the room changes to gray except the targeted item.

If the client labels the item correctly, tap the green check button.  If they label it incorrectly, tap the blue button.  This button immediately brings you to the prompt screen.  You can choose 5 different naming prompts:

1. A written cue - It provides the first couple letters of the word followed by a blank.

2. A definition cue - It gives a visual and auditory definition of the what the object is. 

3. A sentence frame - It gives the word in the context of a cloze-type sentence.

4.  A phonetic cue - The first part of the word is given auditorily.  (see arrow below)
5.  Word cue - The word itself is presented on the screen.

Tap "got it" anytime or "missed" after the final cue to keep track of your data.  You can continue this process throughout each room.

If you tap the eye button located on the left of the green box, the room changes to gray and only the targeted items are highlighted.  This gives you a better visual of where the objects are.  I like to use it especially if you want to target some of the items receptively (i.e. "Find the shoe").  

From the home screen tap the "results" button to see the data that you've gathered on each client.

The data is explained in overall naming accuracy with and without cues.  It even tells you the most successful type of cue used.  You also have the option to export your results, email, or print them.

Even though this app is geared toward adults with aphasia, I'm planning on using it with some of my preschoolers and low-functioning vocabulary students that need help with building this skill.  Because the room scenes are so great, I'm even thinking of using it for goals other than just naming (i.e. object functions, describing, WH questions, etc.).  I love versatile apps that I can use for multiple things at once!

You can grab iName It in the iTunes store for $14.99 HERE!  And thanks to Smarty Ears, be sure to enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own copy of this app!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I have tons of preschoolers who could use this app for categorization. I'd love to use it with my 4th and 5th graders, too. I think it would be awesome to use while teaching with the EET.

  2. I would like to win this to use with my students. It would be great for vocabulary and wh- questions for my preschool, lower elementary, and life skills students.

  3. I really like the idea of using this app to target wh- questions, and definitely for vocabulary.

    Would an adult with word finding difficulties be able to use this app independently (without a therapist present)? My grandmother no longer qualifies for therapy, but continues to struggle with this area, and I live too far away to help on a regular basis. Any thoughts?


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