Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Popcorn Speech {FREEBIE}

Hooray for freebie day!  It's popcorn time!  I love popcorn.  So does my family and my students and my dog.  My mom will even make it special on the stove for movie night, which is extra delicious.

Anyway, this cute game comes to you because of several special requests.  It's a "regalito" from me to you, my friends!  Introducing, Popcorn Speech.

It's made to be played with real popcorn, so the kids get some nice reinforcement.  Who says speech can't be yummy?!

You just say your target sound, answer your questions, etc. and draw a number card to collect that many pieces of popcorn.

Keep the popcorn on the cutesie popcorn box mats while you play.  But watch out for the wild cards!  If you pick one you just might have to put some pieces back or give one to a friend.

I got some little plastic popcorn boxes from the Target dollar spot a while back.  You could place all the cards in there for them to draw from or have them collect their popcorn in them.  Makes the game a little more festive.  :)

You can grab this freebie HERE at my TPT store!  Have fun!  Don't forget to leave some lovely feedback if you download.  :)

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