Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Syllables Splash App Review

I've got another fabulous app from Smarty Ears for you.  This one landed in my lap just in time for summer.  It's called Syllables Splash!

Lots of my little kiddos work on counting syllables.  In fact, it's part of the Common Core standards for K and 1st.  This app provides great practice.  Check it out!

When I first open a new app, I usually like to watch the video tutorial.  It gives a nice overview and shows me tricks I may not notice on my own.  Just tap the support button at the upper lefthand corner to access it.  You also get options to contact Smarty Ears or back-up/restore your data to iTunes.

At the bottom of the home screen, you are able to choose "Quick Play" to begin a session without a specific student selected.  The picture below shows the target screen.  I love how the shark bites the wrong answers.

The "Select Player" button on the home screen will take you to a student screen.  Here you are able to add students individually, import them from Therapy Report Center, and adjust the settings.

Tap the plus sign inside the clam shell to add a student.  Press the "settings" icon at the top right corner to adjust the settings.

I really like that you have the option of increasing the level if they are getting the answers correct.  You are also able to choose what happens when an answer is incorrect, how many multiple choice options they have to choose from, which number of syllables to include, and whether you'd like to keep the animations (like the shark eating the numbers).

Here is a shot of the target screen.  Participants are locates on the left.  The player at the top indicates whose turn it is.  It will switch players automatically after each turn.  A picture comes up and a voice says the word.  The answer choices are at the bottom of the screen.

The circular arrows above the picture give you the option to display the written word.  You can just play the game with these words if you'd like.

One of my favorite features is that little yellow starfish that says "Help."  Do you see it at the bottom of the submarine?  Tap it if the kids need an extra hint.

A little green turtle appears and claps out the syllables in the word for them!  So fun and cute.

Press the purple "Done" button to end the session.  It will bring you directly to the "Report Cards" screen, which you can also access from the home page.  Select the player whose data you would like to view.

The "Share" button allows you to open the data in TRC or another program on you iPad.

What I dig about this app:

  • It's simple and straightforward and easy for both students and therapists to navigate.
  • The animations are reinforcing for the kids.  I have one student in particular who is obsessed with sharks.  This app is definitely a winner in his book! :)
  • The option to increase the level of difficulty as the students get correct answers.
  • The ability to customize sessions depending on your students needs.
  • The extra hint button for a visual to tap out the words.
  • It uses a variety of real pictures as target words.
What could make it better:
  • Since this app does exactly what it's intended to do, there aren't many cons.  Some of the words were pronounced differently than I would say them, making it difficult to choose the correct option.  
Grab this app from iTunes HERE for $9.99.  :)  What do you think?  Do you have any favorite apps to work on phonological awareness?

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